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Koenji, Japan - INAOIZA February 12th, 2015 00:00

稲生座 INAOIZA 2015/02/12 (木)

連絡がおそくなりましたが、ERIC BAND はこんどの木曜日、2月12日稲生座でやります。空っ風*の季節になったので、February Windを歌おうかな?


First Eric Band gig of the year at Inaoiza. I think we’ll do February Wind*.

The Eric Band will be at INAOIZA in Koenji Thursday, February 12th.

日時:2015年2月12日(木)Thursday, February 12th

Open:19:30 Music: 8:30? ~10:30 ?



チャージ: 1500円+drink




*Every February here in Tokyo, an angry wind begins to blow. Moist air from the Japan Sea flows over the mountains of Niigata and releases the moisture in the form of huge snowfalls. The wind, called Karakkaze (Empty Wind) in Japanese, now cold and dry, and seemingly without purpose, comes roaring into Tokyo, and shakes and rattles the doors and windows of my old wooden house.

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